Common Types of Essays Every Student Should Know

Essay writing is a common task faced by students. Often essays are used as homework assignments, as part of exams, and of course as one of the tests for admission to educational institutions.
There are several essay types and it is not difficult to get lost in them. However, if a student approaches the issue with all the severity, then this figure becomes more digestible. In fact, there are only 4 essay types, while others are just their variations.
The difference between the essay types lies only in defining the goal of the author. Does the author want to write about his/her own experience, provide a description of something, clarify a problem, or does he/she seek to persuade the reader to agree on a certain opinion? The 4 main essay types relate specifically to these goals:

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is one of the most popular types of essays. When writing such a text, the author should tell a story based on a real-life experience, he/she should try to engage the reader as vividly as possible in co-creating the story. Such stories are often written in the first-person format, and the narrative leads the reader to independent conclusions. Writing narrative essays is not that easy, so if you decide to ask some professional service: “Do my homework”, don’t forget to mention the essay type.

Descriptive Essay

The main goal of a descriptive essay is to draw a picture for the reader using words. Usually, the author describes situations, people, or objects, laying deeper meanings in simple descriptions. Such texts affect the emotions of readers, the task is also to bring them to some conclusions based on what they read.

Expository Essay

Texts of this type usually include an analysis of a specific topic, which is carried out using facts, statistics, links to various studies, and reports. Thus, facts are more important here than emotions in descriptive essays. Therefore, even in the first person, the author should avoid expressing his own opinion or expressing his emotions. Many students prefer to order essay from special websites, and it is not surprising at all, as expository essays really need a lot of time for gathering facts and statistics.

Persuasive Essay

As with an expository essay, which requires facts presentation, the purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader to accept the author's opinion on a given topic. The essay author should rely on facts and logic, as well as give convincing examples, expert conclusions, justifying his/her opinion in every possible way. The author must illuminate the problem under consideration from all possible sides, but at the same time express oneself very clearly, without evasion, defending a certain opinion. There are enough debates whether it’s right or wrong to pay for essays, anyway, sometimes it’s the only way to be on time with all your tasks.
As you can see, the text can have different structures and different purposes. The choice in favor of this or that genre or method of presentation depends on the goals. Having become familiar with different types, you can already understand how to write an essay correctly in your case. The main thing in an essay is to come to the logical end of the text and make a conclusion.