How to Deal With a Pile of Assignments

All high school graduates who decide to continue studying prepare themselves that college life won’t be easy. Despite this, the majority of first-year students are amazed by the number of assignments they have to do. Take into account that succeeding in academics isn’t the only responsibility of students. It isn’t worth forgetting that they are ordinary people who want to devote time to their hobbies, get a rest from studying, and spend time with friends and family. Students prepare themselves to face numerous challenges but don’t prepare themselves to overcome them, and it’s their biggest mistake.
If you belong to this category of students, don’t worry because we’ll give an insight into the most effective ways of dealing with academic overload.

1. Prioritize your assignments

You need to make a plan for your further work. Since you have too many assignments to do, you must take a notebook and write down the names of tasks you have to do. It's a necessary step at least because you won’t keep this information and will certainly forget something. Write them down in a list and specify the priorities. Instead of starting doing this pile of assignments in a random order, you’ll start to complete assignments in order of importance and avoid missing deadlines.

2. Enlist the support

Overcoming challenges on your own may be too hard. If you know that talking to a close friend and asking his or her advice can motivate you, find some time to do it. Moreover, if you two are groupmates, consider doing homework together. You will deal with this pile much faster. Unfortunately, not all students have friends, but there’s a way out. is an academic assistance service offering online help with different types of assignments.

3. Start with the toughest

Many people think that it’s better to do easy assignments first because they won’t take much time. They are partly right, but doing even easy tasks requires effort. As a result, you feel tired after finishing them and have to deal with complicated and time-consuming tasks. That’s why it’s better to define the most complicated tasks and do them first. If you still feel that you won’t deal with certain assignments on your own, order them online. Visit to find a reliable academic writing service and get high-quality help.

4. Take breaks

You need to track your time while doing the assignments. Completing the assignments one by one in a row won’t help you to finish them faster. It’s better to take small breaks after each assignment to clear your head and stay productive for a long time.

5. Get rid of distractions

Find a cozy and calm place to do your homework, where no one will bother you. Get off the phone notification, turn the device off at all, not be tempted to take it, and spend several hours texting to friends and watching videos. Sometimes various devices can assist in studying, but a person must know how to use them wisely. For example, various academic writing services, such as, can help students get a good grade in an emergency, and sometimes using them is justified.