Romeo and Juliet is an intriguing tragedy

Romeo and Juliet is an intriguing tragedy written by William Shakespeare that tells the story of two ‘star crossed lovers’ who die at the hands of love. From this death raises the question if the death was fate, their own willfulness, or just an accident. There is no doubt that their deaths were both fate and their own will as there is plenty of evidence to prove that it was no accident.
Romeo and Juliet’s death was a product of their own will. This statement can concur from all the attempted suicide in the book. For example, Romeo attempts to stab himself after being exiled from Verona because he will not be able to see his love anymore(Act 3, Scene 3, Pg 149). Juliet eventually agrees to drink the liquid that will make her sleep to avoid marrying Paris knowing fully well the consequences and what could happen to her if she drinks it(Act 4, Scene 1, Pg 185). The consequences being, she could end up dead from the potion and she can be induced into a coma for a long time. Showing that both will go to immeasurable extents to be with their lover.
Romeo and Juliet’s death can also be classified as fate due to the enormous amount of foreshadowing occurring during the play. For example, Juliet foreshadows her death by saying “Farewell- God knows when we shall meet again. I have a faint cold fear…”(Act 4, Scene 3, Pg 191). The faint cold fear she is referring too is that she feels that she or someone else will die due to her choice to drink the poison. In this same scene though, She puts a knife next to her, ready to stab herself in the case the potion doesn’t work. She foreshadows her death by saying goodbye to everyone and then proceeding to put the dagger close to her. The dagger will later be the cause of her death after she sees her lover, dead from a poison he drank. Therefore showing that their deaths were also a pawn of fate.
However, many people will believe that Romeo and Juliet’s death was a pure accident. This idea can be conceived from evidence that leads to this thought. Some of this evidence is from when Romeo drinks the poison not knowing that Juliet is still alive(Act 5, Sc3,Pg227). This idea is wrong though because both Romeo and Juliet are willing to die for each other due to love and it was their fate.
In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet both die due to fate and their own willfulness. Some may think that it was an accident but that is false due to plenty of evidence. Romeo and Juliet’s story, while tragic, will remain a great read and a classic novel.